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Sugar Economy 2018


Sugar Economy 2018 is published in four Editions:

Sugar Economy Europe

Zuckerwirtschaft Europa

Economie Sucrière Europe

Sugar & Sweetener Economy Europe & North America

Each Edition:
Size A6
more than 400 pages

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47 Eur + postage (+ VAT, where applicable)


96 pages with 74 tables and graphic data give you the
information you need on sugar industry throughout the:

–    Production, consumption, trade and balances
–    World sugar prices

–    Beet areas, yields and sugar production
–    Structure of the sugar industry
–    EU: Production, trade and balances
–    Profiles of EU sugar industries (see sample page)
–    EU beet and sugar prices
–    EU isoglucose production

–    Beet and sugar production
–    Consumption, imports and ex­ports, balances
–    Molasses, dried pulp production, balances and prices
–    Isoglucose and starch sugar: production/consumption

–    Sugar production, consumption and trade
–    Molasses and dried pulp, alcohol production

–    Production and consumption in Europe